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Oregon Grape (Tree of Life)

Written by KindReviews on July 15th, 2010. Posted in A, Blog, Indica-Dominant Hybrid, Reviews, Tree of Life


Oregon Grape Medical Marijuana Strain Review

FromTree of Life Alternative Medicine

Grade:  A

Type:  Hybrid (elite clone-only variety, AK-47 x White Widow)

Price:  $50/8th

Appearance:  (7/10)  A pale and almost yellowish-looking sample, the yellow was made even more apparent by the appearance of many male flowers, indicating that the plant had “hermied” at some point during flowering.  Still though, it was frosty with trichs (about 15% ambered) and the different colors almost made it more attractive, hermies notwithstanding.  This sample was very sticky to the touch even though it was nicely dry and cured, always a positive sign of quality.

Aroma:  (10/10)  Absolutely the most uncanny grape smell we’ve encountered, this pungent and insanely sweet candy/Grape Kool-Aid powder scent is one of those that you’ll never forget when you smell it.  It develops a little extra “bite” when ground, but the sweetness and grape smell is still  totally overwhelming.

Taste: (9/10)  Extremely tasty almost all the way through the bowl, this strain pretty much matched its incredible smell with another candied grape package of deliciousness.  Though the taste wasn’t as pungent as the smell (what is?), we got hints of it even on the 2nd to last hit — the taste endurance was very impressive.  It’s a supremely expansive and thick smoke, but it was also very smooth.

Effects:  A very strong, almost disorienting Indica blast came on immediately after consumption, with a warming body that felt instantly relaxed and a heavily medicated feeling behind the eyes and throughout the torso.  Though it’s a bit tough to function at first, it produced big time mood elevation and a loose and pain-free body.  It was almost narcotic at times, but the eyes remained clear and wide open.  Overall, the mental side was warm, fuzzy, spacey, and relaxing — once it gave way, the return to sobriety was on the energetic side, especially compared to the deep relaxation it provided.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3 hours

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  This strain has many medical properties, but mostly it served to relax the body and mind, elevate the mood, and relieve minor aches and pains.  Later in the day, it would likely provide some sleep aid, and the strong presence behind the eyes suggests that it would help with glaucoma and other ocular issues.

Overall:  While the hermie “bananas” were disappointing to see on such a beautiful strain, it didn’t seem to noticeably affect the quality, as this sample was sticky to the touch, simply amazing in the smell and taste areas, and packed a potent combination of Indica-dom effects that worked great to relieve daily pains elevate the mood immediately.  We look forward to trying this strain again (hopefully without the hermie problem) to see if this extremely enjoyable experience can be further improved… if that’s the case, this might be an A+ contender…  The smell is really something else though, and may be worth a trip up to Nederland on its own.