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Truth from Berkeley MMC

Written by KindReviews on July 24th, 2011. Posted in Blog, Med Watch, med watch front page

Strain:  Truth (unknown lineage, seems to involve some sort of Kush)

From:  Berkeley MMC

Pickup Date:  7/5/2011

Inspection Status:  Pass

Passing inspection with no signs of any trouble, this sample had a very dense and rocky structure and a crisp, dry texture that offered little give when squeezed.  The trichomes were a bit odd, with a lot of variation in height and head/stem size throughout the sample, as well as a good number that were damaged.  Still, the trich coverage was solid, and the selection of deep colors seemed to suggest an Indica lineage (one staff member felt that Bubba Kush could be involved for several reasons).  It was mostly free of guard leaves thanks to a thorough trim, but we did find some tiny seeds scattered throughout the buds, likely a result of self-pollination.

Part of the reason we are thinking Kush here is because of the smell and flavor package, which offer that same greasy, lingering dank flavor and deep, spicy smell as you’d find in a Bubba cross.  It lacks the often creamy elements and adds a sharper, more fuely/rubbery bite that really comes out when the sample is ground.  The flavor wasn’t quite as strong and abiding as the aroma was, but it was very similar, and did linger on the palate for a few minutes after smoking.  The rest of the smoking experience was fairly average, with a moderate amount of harshness and expansion which can definitely cause coughing.  A light medium-gray ash was the end product of this sample, showing that it had a quality flush.

We’ll keep researching and trying to find the origins of this strain and will update this post if we find anything.