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Mob Boss

Written by KindReviews on March 30th, 2012. Posted in Blog, Hybrid, Indica-Dominant Hybrid, Sativa-Dominant Hybrid, Strains

Mob Boss (ChemDawg D-dominant phenotype)

Mob Boss (Tang Tang-dominant phenotype)

Mob Boss Medical Marijuana Strain Profile

General Information

Type:  Hybrid

Genetics:  ChemDawg D x Tang Tang males

Geographic Origin:  California, USA

Seed Company/Clone:  Grindhouse Medical Seeds

Description:  A super-frosty Sativa-leaning hybrid, Mob Boss combines the notoriously hard-hitting Chem D with Grindhouse’s own Tang Tang male, which is a Sativa selection from Breeder Steve’s Blockhead known for imparting incredible resin coverage to anything it touches.  The photos above showcase both the Tang Tang-dominant phenotype of the plants as well as a Chem D-dominant one.


Story:  Among many aficionados, Chem D is believed to be the best of the ChemDawg family tree, possessing both an incredible flavor as well as a head-knocking cerebral effect which pulls even the highest-tolerance patients deeply into their couch (it yields better than the ’91 as well). Using this strain as the mother plant, Grindhouse’s chief breeder “Steele Savage” found the perfect match in a collection of Tang Tang males. This cross was released to the seed market in 2009, and these particular phenotypes were found in 2010 by Tierra Rojo.

Growing Information

Flowering Time:  60 to 70 days depending upon phenotype

Preferred Growing Medium:  The Tang Tang adds vigor and yield to the Chem D and branches well, making this a superb plant for SCROG methods, as it will produce large colas on well-trained side branches and continues growing more dense into the final week.  This plant seems to give the best combination of yield and quality when grown in a coco-based medium and fed heavily — the trichome production displayed from week 3 on is astounding and the Mob Boss tends to look like the “whitest” plant in almost any room due to the fan leaves being caked with densely-packed thin-headed trichomes.  The Tang Tang phenos will have more pointed colas while the Chem D will be more rounded and blocky at the tops.

Patient Expectations

Appearance:  One of the most trichome-laden strains we’ve ever seen at KindReviews, Mob Boss (especially the Tang Tang-dominant phenotypes) is absolutely covered with trichomes, from fan leaf stems to the tip of the large colas.  This distinctive appearance and very stout density makes its “bag appeal” off the charts for most patients, eliciting “wow”s from all but the most jaded connoisseurs.  When growing, the different phenotypes will be readily-apparent due to their differences in smell, but the Tang Tang-dominant phenotypes will be taller and will have a stronger, pointed central cola while the Chem D phenos will chunk up a bit more but stay shorter with rounded-top colas.

Scent:  An herbal-citrus aroma is the predominant one before the strain is broken apart — the Tang Tang side of the family is not known for its scent. Once broken apart, it displays a hint of the sharpness from the Chem D, but is still largely vegetal and citrusy.  The Chem D-dominant phenotypes will have a much sharper aroma with elements of the notorious chemical-skunk-citrus funk of the mother, but the Tang Tang still tends to tone the whole  package down slightly from the original D.

Flavor:  Like the smell, it’s not the most pungent thing around, tasting of herbal citrus with hashy notes in the background and a thick, expansive smoke.  Again, the Chem D phenotypes have a more assertive flavor and a lingering aftertaste of chem.

Effects:  Thanks to the Tang Tang influence, this strain isn’t nearly as heavy or overtly potent as the ChemDawg D, which is a good thing for many patients who still like to be productive during their day.  The couchy yet cerebral D influence is still felt though, especially in the second half of the experience (most strongly in the Chem-dominant phenotypes).  The Tang Tang phenos tend to be very clear-headed and smoothly uplifting, feeling like a moderate Sativa — the different expressions of this plant definitely deliver different effect packages.  Despite its absolutely ridiculous appearance, Tierra Rojo refers to this strain as a bit of a “show pony” in that it doesn’t quite live up to the insane potency that the looks promise.  Still, it’s above-average in potency and delivers a balanced effect which aids with muscle relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and often gives a boost of energy as well (Tang Tang plants especially).

The Prophet

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Bubba Kush-dominant Phenotype:

Tang Tang-dominant Phenotype:


General Information

Type:  Hybrid, depends upon phenotype

Genetics:  Pre-’98 Bubba Kush x Tang Tang males

Geographic Origin:  Northern California

Seed Company/Clone: Grindhouse Medical Seeds