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Keef Cola

Written by KindReviews on January 14th, 2011. Posted in Blog, Drinks


Product Name: Keef Cola (regular strength)

Type:  Medicated soda, infused with hash

Dosage:  1 bottle (12 oz.)

Price: Varies by retailer from approximately $5-$9

Chocolate Hazed Bread (Annie’s Edibles)

Written by tlh on September 28th, 2010. Posted in Baked Goods, Blog, Edibles

Product Name: Chocolate Hazed Bread

From:  Annie’s Edibles

Type:   Baked Goods

Taste: (9/10) This loaf was very tasty indeed. There was a subtle but welcome plant flavor, well suited for the coconut and hazelnut combination. It was a very pleasant and sweet snack but along the lines of banana or zucchini bread and even the non-medicated version would entice a multiple loaf binge.

Aroma: (7/10) Most notable were the hazelnut and cinnamon, with a very mild medicinal tone.

Dosage: 1-2 doses. The loaf was 5 recommended doses but the experience of average and above sized patients indicates closer to 2 doses will be needed for moderate to severe pain management or sleep aid.

Medicinal Effects: The standard dosage provided general muscle relaxation and stress management qualities which were appreciated, but the potency wasn’t sufficient to add a lot of other benefit.

Overall:  This Hazed Bread edible was real pleasing in taste and can easily be ingested in quantities needed to medicate, but the cost per dosage goes up.  The pictures above show 2 doses but it seems like the loaf should really be 3 doses in total.  Great taste, good medicine.