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Stone Mountain

Written by KindReviews on June 10th, 2012. Posted in Blog, Featured Post, Indica-Dominant Hybrid, Strains

(Samples above grown by Scott of Rare Dankness)


General Information

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid

Genetics:  (Bubba Kush x DJ Short’s Blue Moonshine) backcrossed to the Bubba Kush mother

Geographic Origin:  Bubba Kush is thought to be an Afghani/Pakistani variety, while DJ Short’s Blue Moonshine is out of California — this cross was created by Scott of Rare Dankness Seeds, prior to the establishment of that company

Seed Company/Clone:  Clone only, very rare

Description:  Bred and selected for a very potent, Indica-dominant effect, it appears that the mission was accomplished.  This strain really packs a punch and can send the user into sleep rather easily — very relaxing and narcotic in nature.  The plant itself is stretchier than the Bubba Kush mom but has tighter buds.  Blue-purple is the dominant color once it gets close to harvest… a very dark-colored and resinous plant.


Story:  Created by Scott of Rare Dankness in an attempt to make an even heavier and more medicinal Indica than the Bubba Kush mother.

Awards:  “Most Potent” at the 2010 Best Bud of Boulder cannabis cup

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 65 days

Preferred Growing Medium: Stretches more than the Bubba Kush mother.  A long and thorough flush is recommended to bring out an array of fall colors, which normally get overtaken by purple as the plant finishes.

Patient Expectations

Scent: Very strong and musky, reminiscent mostly of the Bubba Kush mother with tinges of hashy sweet fruit

Flavor: Again, strong and musky, with some of the Bubba Kush dark tastes (coffee, chocolate, garlic) and just a slight sweetness that comes out at times

Effects: Overwhelming at times, Stone Mountain is very potent and hits strong with a direct Indica effect almost immediately.  A deep, pervading sense of relaxation, strong muscle tension relief, and definite sleep aid properties at higher dosages.  Recommended for experienced patients who can handle the potency and desire strong Indica-dominant relief — this one has shown great promise in relieving the side effects of chemotherapy and cancer including loss of appetite, pain, nausea, headaches, and muscle tension.