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Written by KindReviews on September 23rd, 2010. Posted in Anxiety, Appetite, Body Relaxation, Cancer, Indica-Dominant Hybrid, Insomnia, Mood, Muscular, Pain, Pains, Strains


General Information

Type:  Indica-dominant hybrid

Genetics:  Freak S1 LA Confidential (O.G. LA Affie x Afghani) x Cannadential

Geographic Origin:  California, USA

Seed Company/Clone: DNA Genetics

Description: When an LA Confidential plant produces seed stock unexpectedly, the DNA crew grew them out and isolated a freak phenotype, then crossed it with a particularly Indica-leaning Cannadential.  The resulting plant is a strong Indica with very frosty and dense buds.




Growing Information

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Preferred Growing Medium: Heavy yielder, produces dense colas and works well for SOG applications.

Patient Expectations

Scent: Fruity and sweet, with a hashy background

Flavor: Sweet and fruity, with an expansive, rich smoke

Effects: Hitting behind the eyes and in the forehead to start, it quickly transitions into a strongly Indica experience, with a warm body and relaxed muscles.  Mood elevating but slightly narcotic, the LA Confidential is great for minor pain, relaxation, reducing anxiety, and increasing appetite.


ReCON – The High Country – April 2010

ReCON (The High Country)

Written by KindReviews on April 11th, 2010. Posted in A-, Blog, Indica-Dominant Hybrid, The High Country

From: The High Country

Grade: A-

Type:  Indica dominant.  (DNA genetics – Cannadential x LA Confidential)

Price: $45/8th

Appearance:  Beautifully let go to amber.  A lighter shaded bud.

Aroma:  I didn’t get a good sense of this smell, maybe a mild sweetness.

Taste:  Again, even changing to pipe from the vaporizer didn’t give me a good sense of the taste.  It’s familiar, but I wasn’t able to make any distinguishing notes.

Buzz Type:  Strong yet relaxing, most likely from the growers letting the trichomes go to amber.

Buzz Length:  Medium. 1.5 hours

Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Absolutely good for major pains, this is probably one of my top 3 for pain at this point.

Overall:  I really enjoyed this strain. It was calming and peaceful and I ended up wearing a smile the entire time.  Not a go and do things strain to me, much more of a movie strain or a strain to just kick back and chat amongst friends.