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2012 High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup Results

Written by KindReviews on April 23rd, 2012. Posted in Blog, Featured Post, news

We had a wonderful time at this year’s Cup and hope you did as well.  Our photographer Ry was very honored to have been asked by High Times Cultivation Editor Nico Escondido to handle the photography duties for all of the entries, and you can see the official slideshow of entries here:

Stay tuned to for more world-exclusive photos of these strains coming over the next two weeks!  Here is the official and complete list of awardees, with pictures of the First Place winners included:

Best Indica

1st Place – SFV OG (Pink House Blooms)
2nd Place – Kurple Fantasy (420 Wellness Alameda)
3rd Place – Cataract Kush (River Rock North)

Best Hybrid

1st Place – Skunkberry (Green Man Cannabis – THC)
2nd Place – Jack Flash (Fresh Baked, Boulder)
3rd Place – Raskal OG (The Clinic on Holly)

Best Sativa

1st Place – StarDawg Guava (The Clinic on Holly)
2nd Place – Red Headed Stranger (Natural Remedies)
3rd Place – Jack Herer (Medicine Man Denver)

Best Concentrate

1st Place – 707 Headband Shatter (Top Shelf Extracts)
2nd Place – Strawberry Cough Nectar (The Clinic Highlands)
3rd Place – Bubbleberry Extract (River Rock North)

Best Edible

1st Place – Mint Chocolate Bar (Dabba Chocolate)
2nd Place – Chocolate Truffles (Dixie Elixirs)
3rd Place – Bubble Brownie (Standing Akimbo MMC)

Other Awards:

Patient’s Choice Award

TIE (from top, above) – Kosher Kush (The Clinic on Holly) and Super Silver Haze (Pink House Blooms)

CBD Award

1st Place – CBD Oil (River Rock North)
2nd Place – R4 (GreenWerkz)
3rd Place – Tora Bora (Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers)

Best Non-Solvent Concentrate

Lemon OG Solventless Wax (Pink House Verde/Essential Extracts)

Best Booth

1st Place – IncrediBowl
2nd Place – Pink House Blooms
3rd Place – Platte Valley Dispensary

Best Product

1st Place – Mama P’s Wholesale Grinding Company (MATE)
2nd Place – Chess Pieces Book (Hitman Glass)
3rd Place –  The Essential Bags (The Trim Shop)

Best Glass

1st Place – Marble Madness (Mad Hatter’s Smokeshop)
2nd Place – Glass Torch Tube (Hitman Glass)
3rd Place – Dopeass Glass