White Fire OG #2Strain Profile

Fire OG Kush x The White

Posted on: January 25th 2011

Here is a stunning example of OGRaskal’s White Fire OG, this one grown from seed stock and selected in Boulder, CO.  The “#2″ designation is not anything permanent or reflecting upon the WiFi population at-large, but simply reflects the chosen plant number from this particular selection project.



Bred by OGRaskal, released as a limited seed release


With a tight nug structure more reminiscent of the Fire OG than the large pinecone-shaped buds of The White, this particular WiFi has the perfect blend of density and attractive trichome/calyx structure, keeping thing open enough to see but possessing a very satisfying nuggy texture.


The Fire OG is definitely the predominant aroma and flavor present in this cut, with a perfect slightly spicy OG flavor rife with gingery citrus terpenes and a kerosene-like kick that comes out when it’s disturbed.


Wonderfully uplifting yet deeply powerful effect, which comes on strongly from the first hit and stays around for well over 3 hours.  It’s felt immediately in the face and eyes, but doesn’t make the eyes feel squinty or dry, but rather just provides a constantly pulsing pressure and warmth which is pleasant to most patients.  Mentally it’s just a strain that wipes away stress and tensions and provides a humorous, light-hearted mood elevation which is very smooth and without any anxiety or raciness. or raciness.

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