WarlockStrain Profile

Skunk #1 x Afghani

Posted on: May 8th 2010


Warlock Skunk – Tetra Hydro Center – May 2010


After coming up with the cross out of necessity and discovering how potent the resulting plant was, Gerrit Slot hooked up with the Bluebird, a very popular coffeeshop in Amsterdam — this began to build the following for Warlock.  He essentially stopped breeding experiments with the Warlock at that point and simply kept it going by cloning the mother over and over again.  Eventually the Warlock would used in almost every cross that Magus Genetics offers. 


A strong, sweet, and sometimes sour aroma that is of the fruity variety.


A quality hybrid strain, the Warlock starts off with a mixed bag of Sativa effects such as a slightly pounding heart, a heady start, and a bit of anxiety/paranoia.  However, it calmed down rather quickly and provided a relaxing, even body-centric experience that lasted 2+ hours.  It showed benefits in general relaxation, pain relief, and sleep aid towards the end of the experience.

Grow Medium

Grows well in any medium — suggested grow style is to let the plants veg from seed for ~35 days and then kick them into flower.  There is an outdoor Warlock from Magus called “Biddy Early” (Warlock x Early Skunk F2) that took 2nd Prize at the 2003 High times Cannabis Cup for the Sativa category, beating out indoor-grown competition.

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