Strawberry CoughStrain Profile

Strawberry Fields x Haze

Posted on: November 22nd 2009


Strawberry Cough – Botanic Labs – July 2010

Strawberry Cough – Breckenridge Cannabis Club – May 2010

Strawberry Cough – Delta 9 Caregivers – November 2009


Kyle Kushman (the widely-accepted source of the strain) received a box of clones from an inexperienced friend and thought nothing of it until he noticed a strong aroma of strawberries in the box.  He held onto the clones and it turned out to be a pretty special and unique plant.


The sweet berry cream elements dominate, but there is a sharp Haze in the background.


Uplifting and cerebral, bordering on trippy at times… the Haze definitely comes through most strongly in the experience.  It does carry a solid body relaxation component, but ultimately it’s a head-centric strain.

Grow Medium

Grows well anywhere, it’s a hearty plant thanks to the Indica side of its parentage, branching out and staying relatively short throughout its life cycle.  Good for SCROG setups, not advisable for SOG due to the side branching.

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