Snow WreckStrain Profile

Snowcap x Trainwreck

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


Snowcap is a Northern California medical scene clone thought to have lineage in the Haze family of plants, while Trainwreck is a legendary California strain thought to have Mexican Sativa and Afghani roots.


Seems Snowcap dominant, with a fruity-pine scent that carries traces of the Trainwreck’s menthol-citrus when ground up.


Strong and cerebral to start, it can leave the user stuck to the couch simply due to not knowing what to do with themselves.  The Afghani lineage in the Trainwreck is the only thing keeping this strain from feeling completely Sativa, as there is a warming body component.  Potent and long-lasting, Snow Wreck is recommended as a daytime med for those who enjoy strongly Sativa experiences.  Benefits with nerve issues, ocular relief, and appetite stimulation.

Grow Medium

Trainwreck is known for being unstable and throwing out hermie flowers late in flowering, and this cross of two clone-only females would likely be even more unstable in that sense… use caution.

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