SFV OG KushStrain Profile

Unknown lineage, thought to be a “selfed” Ghost’s OG Kush

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


SFV OG Kush – Denver Patients Group – June 2010


Information courtesy of Moonshine: “The SFV is ‘San Fernando Valley’ which most folks know.  What they don’t know is the SFV is actually an S1 (a self seeded) of the ORkid’s Ghost OG Kush.  It is very similar to the ORKid cut with a little healthier/sturdier branches.  The medicinal effects and highs are very close in nature, with the SFV generally being a little more somber and meditative.  Lastly, SFV is widely rumored to be the XXX OG Kush because the SFV is where the porn industry is/was generally located.  In reality, the XXX is likely another S1, this time of the SFV.”


Lemon-pine cleaner — it lacks the fuel and skunk elements which are often present in other OG Kush cuts.


Contemplative and fairly somber, the SFV cut is one that puts the user in a meditative, calm state.  There is a strong and constant pulsing feeling in the body which increases the relaxed feeling.  Only occasional spaciness mars the otherwise clear-headed and aware experience.  Recommended for users who desire a mood-evening strain that will reduce the daily stresses of life while also relaxing the body.

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