S.A.G.E. ‘n SourStrain Profile

Sour Diesel x S.A.G.E .

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


S.A.G.E. ‘n Sour – Alternative Wellness Center – August 2010


The Sour Diesel dominates (as it does in many crosses) and combined with the S.A.G.E. to produce a pungent fuel-pine aroma with a hint of citrus.  It seems to get fresher and cleaner when ground up, losing some of the fuel stank.


A strong starter, it hits the face and eyes with lots of cycling pressure, building up over the first 15 minutes.  Spacey and lacking focus, it gives a certain energy that can still manage to be semi-productive.  As the spaciness wears off, it becomes suitable for sedentary tasks, elevating energy and mood.  A smooth drop back to sobriety completes this pleasant Sativa strain’s effects.  Most suitable for daytime use, it has strong ocular effects, solid appetite stimulation, gives a boost of energy, and some slight numbing pain relief.

Grow Medium

According to T.H.Seeds, it grows massive in DWC setups, so root space it at a premium with these plants.  They get tall and will easily double in height when flowering, finishing with foxtailed, fat-calyxed colas of formidable size.

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