Presidential KushStrain Profile

OG Kush x Lemon Skunk

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


Presidential Kush – CAM – December 2010

Presidential Kush – Herbal Connections Cherry Creek – June 2010


Soil, spice, and skunkiness gives way to a fresh citrus Kush when ground up


Though it’s a Sativa plant, the effects from Presidential Kush are more Indica in nature aside from the first 45 minutes or so.  Those initial effects include a large amount of head and eye pressure fluctuations, a light, floaty body, and an immediate elevation in mood.  As it progresses, the feeling becomes more sedate, warming the body and carrying moments of euphoria at times.  After the ‘down’ second half, the return to sobriety is a lift in energy.  This strain is good for anxiety, mood elevation, body relaxation, sleep aid at higher doses, and appetite stimulation.

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