New York City DieselStrain Profile

Unconfirmed, likely an Original Diesel bagseed x Shantibaba’s Afghani x Hawaiian

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


NYCD – Cherry Creek High Expectations – May 2010

NYCD – Pure Medical Dispensary – March 2010


Soma got a bagseed from a friend of his, who said it was from the best marijuana he’s ever smoked and that it came from New York.  This seed may have been Original Diesel/Underdawg or even Sour Diesel, but in any case Soma grew it out and then crossed it to Shantibaba’s Afghani x Hawaiian male to create the award-winning seed stock.


Sweet red grapefruit with some acrid undertones of fuel at times


Strong to the eyes and immediately potent, NYCD is uplifting at times, but can be crushing at higher dosages.  

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