Nevil’s WreckStrain Profile

Arcata Trainwreck (original “E32″ cut) x Nevil’s Haze (Northern Lights #5 x Haze A) x Haze C

Posted on: October 16th 2009


“Flowering times range from 65 days to 115.  The quick finisher is a heavy blend of the two strains.  The longer flowering ones are most Nevil’s Haze dominant.  My personal favorite pheno of this strain is the #12 female nicknamed the “Krumholtz Haze”.  Krumhotlz is the low scrubby twisted vegetation found just above treeline before the alpine tundra — it is a piney, whorled twisted land of tiny trees and alpine flowers.  #12 earned the nick.  The heavy head feeling pheno you describe is the #14 aka Chunk’s Haze.  Grows best in Hydro applications, gets BIG and yeilds heavy for a Sativa.”


Created by Scott, founder of Stone Mountain Wellness in Longmont, CO


Flowers and spice with a bite to it


Uplifting and highly energetic, this is a strain that makes you want to be active and be outside in nature.  One of the phenotypes has a somewhat strong Indica-like mental effect that makes the energy slightly less useful, but the rest tend to be almost entirely Sativa in effect.

Grow Medium

Grows extremely well in hydro and finishes out as a big producer for such a highly Sativa plant.

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