Mr. NiceStrain Profile

G-13 x Hashplant

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


The strain was originally just called G-13 x Hashplant and was a limited release.  It was then re-created and re-released by Sensi Seeds and renamed “Mr Nice” after the nickname of Howard Marks, the famous cannabis and hashish smuggler, author, and advocate.


Slightly citrusy with a strong smell of trichomes (hashy)


Strongly sedative, this strain is best for evening use.  Its rising body effect leaves the user feeling warm and vibrating, helping to ease muscle tension and pain.  Though not as strong as some modern day hybrids, this strain is a good choice for a moderate Indica user who likes a traditional hashy Afghani taste.

Grow Medium

Grows stout with a strong single cola and very dense buds, it’s advisable to keep the humidity low to prevent mold in the main buds.  Good for SOG methods.

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