Mother’s FinestStrain Profile

Unknown hybrid containing Jack Herer, Haze, and an unknown Indica supposedly related to Juicy Fruit

Posted on: January 23rd 2010


Mother’s Finest – Tetra Hydro Center – July 2010

Mother’s Finest – Green Belly Co-Op – May 2010


Mentholated citrus and pine with a spicy lean, very much like Jack Herer itself.


Very cerebral and spacey, this strain definitely calls upon its Haze lineage with its effects package.  Uplifting and somewhat energetic, it is a powerful strain that doesn’t leave mental processes unscathed — some distraction and spacing out is inevitable with this one.  Lots of face and eye pressure occurs with this strain as well, making it appropriate for those suffering from ocular issues.  Once the cerebral Sativa start died down, it got slightly relaxing and more sedate towards the end, uplifting mood and making for a smooth ride back to a normal state.

Grow Medium

Most phenotypes of this strain get rather tall and show Haze-dominant growth structure yet finish in a reasonable amount of time.  There are some Indica-dominant phenos that work well for SOG, but otherwise this is more of a SCROG type plant that responds reasonably well to training.

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