Moby DickStrain Profile

White Widow x Haze

Posted on: December 3rd 2010

(all samples above are from Boulder Medical Marijuana Center (BMMC))


Moby Dick – Alpine Herbal Wellness – November 2010

Moby Dick – Denver Kush Club – April 2010


Like a sweet Haze, carrying notes of flowers, citrus, vanilla, and tropical fruits — very appealing.


With a typical rush of Sativa effects starting things off (lots of eye/head/face pressure, a marked increase in heart rate), the Haze part of the equation announces itself quickly.  Very cerebral, even influencing vision a bit, this strain takes the user on a bit of a mental ride early on.  After the initial effects die off about 1 hour into the experience, it shifts gears, apparently bringing more of the White Widow influence to the table — a floaty, relaxed state that could easily lead into sleep finished things off.  This strain is recommended highly for its “up then down” experience as an evening med, as it will leave the user relaxed and ready for sleep after about 3 hours.

Grow Medium

There are two common phenotypes in Moby Dick, one that is heavily Sativa-dominant and carries more of the spicy, floral, incense Haze taste and smell.  The other pheno has slightly more Indica influence and the final product is sweeter.  Dinafem recommends keeping the pH below 6.5 at all times to avoid iron deficiencies and keeping the EC around 1.5 – 2, as it it a rather heavy feeder and generally gets large.

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