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(Unknown x Blueberry) x Jack

Posted on: March 17th 2010


Bred by Chimera Seeds to be a large yielding strain with a pleasant aroma


Spearhead-shaped sepals in a range of greens from chalet green to dull avocado with eggplant accents, arranged in tight stacked calyxes, with bursts of moccaccino pistils, and above average coverage short thin-stemmed hooked trichomes with average heads


The aroma that this strain expressed was a blend of floral, sweet, and berry smells that mixed into a harmonious whole that we all enjoyed greatly. Once ground, it released a stronger incense-like aroma that seemed to be a magnification of the previous floral elements. Though it was nicely pungent right after being ground up and even in the jar, it dissipated quickly from there. Not an amazingly pungent smell, but it combined smells from the spicy/floral/incense area with the more standard sweet berry in a unique way.


Coming on fairly quickly (within 5 minutes), the early effects of this strain felt heavily Sativa for sure, giving us a package of head effects including light pressure which felt like a buzzing “finger” poking into the forehead, and a general uplift in mental energy. Along with this came a definite uptick in heart rate and a light-feeling body that felt freed from many of the muscle aches and light pains of the day. Feeling capable and energetic, we found ourselves organizing things or simply enjoying the seemingly heightened sense of hearing, which had us picking up all manner of tiny sounds and processing them all at once. After the initial hour or so, the effects began to become much more relaxing, though the direct muscle relaxing quality that was present at first decreased in strength — the eyes felt dry and tired, increasing the tired feeling. We felt slightly lethargic at times, and overall, we found the comedown and later effects to be a little drowsy and typical of a Sativa “crash”.

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