L.S.D.Strain Profile

Mazar x Skunk #1

Posted on: December 7th 2009


L.S.D. – Delta 9 – June 2010


The Barney’s Farm crew named the strain “L.S.D.” after experiencing its potent and trippy effects.


A tangy lemon-lime musk is the standard smell, but at times there is a sweet, creamy, almost nutty aroma that comes out of certain phenotypes.


Starting off with an increase in visual acuity and a strongly spacey mental state, this strain can seem like it’s a Sativa early on, living up to the psychedelic namesake.  Once those initial effects passed, it still seems to stay mostly in the face but the body presence grows greatly as it progresses.  A creeping numbness and warmth enters the body, leaving the user able to get up and be active or simply sit and relax.  The end of the experience was more sedate and relaxing, bordering on tired-feeling.  This strain is recommended to intermediate users who want a little more adventure in their Indica relief.

Grow Medium

Grows well in any medium, grows to a fairly standard to short height and produces well for its size.

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