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OG Kush x Grape Ape (Green House Seeds version)

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


Apothecary Genetics out of California “reversed” and bred their Grape Ape mother with one of the many OG Kush cuts floating around the area, then hooked up with Green House Seeds in Amsterdam for mainstream distribution of seed stock.


The smell really takes on a lot of the Grape Ape, bringing that grape-kissed musky incense sweetness it’s most known for and receiving a boost of spice from the OG.


The effects of this strain are exactly what one would expect given the parent strains — quality relaxation, mood elevation, and high levels of mental clarity. While both strains are potent, neither is potent to the point where functioning becomes difficult or sleep becomes inevitable — you can think and react but are simply more relaxed and positive while doing so.

Grow Medium

This plant grows stout and has a strong central cola with moderate side branching. To maximize yield and reduce risk of mold, pruning some of the inner branches and leaves is suggested. Letting it go the maximum 9 weeks or a bit longer will allow for maximum resin development and flavor.

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