K2 (Colorado)Strain Profile

Sweet Tooth x OG Kush

Posted on: October 20th 2009


Named for the second tallest peak in the Himalayas.

Not to be confused with the Dutch commercial strain named K2 of an entirely different lineage.


A seriously pretty sample, this one has the structure/appearance that many of our staff prefers over all others, which is the well-defined, slightly loose one where you can see each calyx clearly and all the trichomes covering them. The blend of light, frosty green with the jack-o-lantern orange pistils gave it a classic look, but with an the thick covering of trichomes.


This one instantly vaulted itself into the upper-echelon of our staff’s “Must Smell” list — the uber-sweet “blue candy”-like smell also carried hints of oranges, strawberries and a grazzy/fresh quality one reviewer described as “spring breeze”… there was a tinge of cleaner in there too, like Formula 409. Pre-grind it was very pungent as well, with the ability to stink up a room when the jar/bag is opened — it was a stronger, sharper smell pre-grind as well, which was unique (it had notes of sweet curry, fall spices, and honey). Top notch smell here, simply put.


This med seemed to hit our crew slightly different, with one reporting 75% Sativa effects, one reporting a 50/50 split, and another reporting 75% Indica-dominant feelings. It seems as if being in a different environment controls how the effects play out — reviewers were solitary seemed to have more of an Indica experience while others that were in work/social situations seemed to trend Sativa. Regardless, it started off with strong eye effects (not a stealth med at all), forehead/temple pressure, and ringing in the ears… seemed heavily Sativa at first. The potency was almost too much at times, especially for the work situations — moments of spacing out were common. Once the blast of initial potency moved on, the cloudy vision and eye effects contributed to a feeling of slight tiredness and fairly thorough mental/physical relaxation.

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