HanisStrain Profile

Kunduz Afghani x (Pre-’98 Bubba Kush x 1994 Positronics Haze)

Posted on: September 12th 2010


The Kunduz Afghani used in this cross was found and brought back from Afghanistan — the Kunduz region is known as Afghanistan’s premier hash-producing area, making this plant an especially frosty specimen that adds its trichome coverage to anything it touches.  The name “Hanis” came from its Afg”hanis”tan roots.  This strain was created in Texas by a grower named “Tierra Rojo” who bred almost exclusively outdoors for a time, later moving into the Colorado medical marijuana scene, including an entry into the 2011 Denver High Times Medical Cup.


Interesting sharp smell that brings to mind superglue or acetone, it has a background of Bubba-like coffee/chocolate sweetness.  Its vaguely skunky and sharp scent pre-grind really explodes into a complex and acrid aroma once it’s broken apart, lingering on the hands and in the air.


The Haze part of the hybrid is apparent early on, as this strain has moments of raciness and an definite mood/energy uptick as its early effect.  Lots of eye pressure and a buzzing body move the experience on towards its more relaxing second half.  Quality muscle and mental relaxation blend with a sense of equilibrium mentally (both in mood and function), making this feel like a true hybrid for most of the experience.

Grow Medium

Grows well with a long vegetative period, topped and trained to form a multi-cola bush.  Hanis responds well to “super-cropping” and heavy training, but still normally stretches at least twice its height in flower thanks to the Haze influence.  Letting it go later (especially in sub-75 degree temperatures) will encourage the development of the deep colors and a more narcotic effect.

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