Glass SlipperStrain Profile

Krome’s “The White” x Pineapple pheno Cinderella 99 males

Posted on: April 5th 2011

(Samples pictured from Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM), Green Dream Health Services, Heartland Pharmacy (Lightshade Lab), and Southwest Alternative Care)


Krome’s “The White” is thought to have come from an S1 (self-pollinated) bagseed which came out of Triangle, an elite Florida strain that many believe is an original OG Kush line.  This strain has earned a reputation as one of the most potent clone varieties in the world, regularly testing at 23%+ THC and looking like something out of a genetic experiment to maximize trichome production.  This strain was created by Dutchgrown Seeds when their lead breeder got her hands on The White and had a stable of pineapple-scented original Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 males waiting to provide pollen.


Big creamy orange-colored nugs with a rounded top shape are the most common in this variety, with the structure taking most directly after The White’s rounded loafy Kush structure.  The pistils upon close inspection are actually a very deep orange, but when combined with the thick trichome coverage, the appearance takes on a creamsicle orange quality which makes it very appealing to the eye.  The trichomes are densely-packed but tend to have smaller heads, something common in both parental varieties.


The Kush elements present in The White are the most noticeable aroma in most phenotypes, but there is a pungent fruity, floral sweetness lurking in the background that comes out in the Cinderella-dominant plants especially.  Spicy, dank, with a hint of sweetness – Glass Slipper is often more complex and engaging than either parent strain, a complex interplay of pineapple-citrus musk and Kush.


Glass Slipper is very potent thanks to its genetic pedigree, and it hits hard, fast, and early.  At times, it can cause moments of a wandering mind where the user walks around aimlessly, thinking deeply on a variety of subjects almost without realizing it.  GS is more cerebral than The White, but has the same tendency to knock the user’s legs out from underneath them at high dosages.  Strong to the eyes and head, it has shown benefits with ocular issues and migraines, while improving mood and never approaching the anxiety-ridden side of the Sativa spectrum — it’s a great choice for any time of day thanks to its hybrid nature and balanced effects.

Grow Medium

Glass Slipper does well in soil or hydro setups, and grows medium-tall when given adequate root space.  The yield is larger than The White on its own and the plant tends to form a rather strong central cola despite moderate amounts of side branching.  It normally makes a good SCROG plant due to the tendency to grow an even canopy.  Coco coir works especially well with this plant, matching the yields of hydro but offering more flavor — in our experience, the best Glass Slipper that we’ve had has been coco-grown.

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