G-13 WidowStrain Profile

G-13 x Black Widow

Posted on: November 8th 2009


Bred by Mr. Nice Seedbank


This was one of the frostiest samples we’ve gotten in some time, with a thick coating of trichomes covering nearly every surface. The structure of this sample was also very good, with a moderate density and a hearty stickiness.


Though it’s not an aroma that really marks itself as distinct or uniquely enjoyable, this G-13 Widow produced a lovely sharp lemon-pine scent with a bit of muskiness and also sweetness in the mix. Lemon is at the forefront though for sure, and it was nicely pungent once broken apart.


To start, this strain had us feeling slightly racy, with an elevated heart beat, a boost of energy, and the urge to be social and active. A lot of head and eye pressure fluctuations, a buzzing warm body, and a slightly slow/hazy mental state were the other initial pieces of this surprisingly Sativa-oriented start. It was at this point where we had a bit of disagreement on the overall tone of the experience — one reviewer continued on the energetic and clear-headed path while the other two were knocked for a relaxing Indica loop. It seems the time of day and situation might play a larger role in the effects of this med than some others — the energetic one was a mid-day review when the reviewer had things to do, and he functioned well. The others were in the morning and later at night when both reviewers were not busy, so the heavy effects seemed to come through harder. In any case, there was strong body relaxation, mental relaxation, and a persistent ocular/forehead effect that continued well into the 2nd hour. The end of the experience was rather sedative and could easily lead into sleep.

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