Crystal GayleStrain Profile

Unknown Northern Lights #1 Cross

Posted on: December 6th 2009


Bred by Grasshopper Wellness in Colorado


This is a seriously pretty sample, with its tight but not blocks structure, healthy light green coloration, and it’s frankly ridiculous coating of trichomes. The working title for this strain, “Crystal Gayle” is certainly appropriate, as it shimmers with globe-headed mostly clear trichomes, looking as if it was sprayed with glitter.


This strain had a nicely sharp and pungent (both pre and post-grind) citrus cleaner quality to it, even dabbling in the familiar Diesel range at times. It also had some hints of soil (probably the Northern Lights influence) and pine as well, making it a well-rounded spectrum of pleasing aromas.


It mostly seemed to hit the head to start, giving us a buzzing feeling around the crown of the head, a slight increase in eye/brow pressure, some ear ringing, and a bit of a light head. Almost before we noticed, this strain seemed to lift us up off the couch and into a slew of activities requiring a moderate amount of focus — it had moments of slight raciness, but was overall very comfortable. It seemed to be a bit of a “creeper”, building in effect through 30 minutes, when it had a full compliment of effects including strongly burning eyes. Almost trance-like at times, it had us feeling functional despite being very medicated and relaxed… it managed to retain mental clarity throughout the duration. It didn’t seem to do a ton for muscle tension despite the high levels of mental relaxation, but showed great promise with appetite stimulation. A smooth descent where potency cycled on and off in waves finished things off, leaving us feeling aware and peppy by the end.

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