Critical JackStrain Profile

Jack Herer x Critical Mass

Posted on: December 1st 2009


Bred by DinaFem Seeds


Though this sample probably wouldn’t stand out in a row of jars full of top shelf strains, it certainly belongs there judging from its coating of well-preserved trichomes and overall healthy appearance.


This strain smelled like almost every other top-notch Jack Herer or Jack hybrid (including Jack Flash) and definitely ranked among the top examples we’ve had in that vein — super fresh and “cool” lemon-pine cleaner smell with a wonderful backing floral sweetness that seemed to come out more post-grind. The post-grind smell reminded one reviewer of grenadine — very nice. It wasn’t super-pungent mostly due to its Haze nature, but did majorly increase in pungency when ground-up.


This was a very cerebral Sativa, leaving one reviewer staring blankly at the TV for 15 minute stretches and the others feeling rather energetic and motivated by their tasks. The “staring blankly” review wasn’t due to couchlock or mental sedation, but rather due to the way this strain causes your attention to dial into whatever happens to interest you at the time, an almost unwavering focus. Physically, the strain started with the hallmark Sativa effects such as orbital/eye/head pressure, a slightly buzzing body, and an uptick in both mood and heart rate. There wasn’t much of a direct body effect, but we all felt capable and pain-free throughout the experience, able and willing to take on almost any task while also looking the part (very ‘stealth’ med — no outward physical effects).

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