Colorado CoughStrain Profile

Northern Lights #5 x Haze #17

Posted on: November 27th 2009


Colorado Cough – Delta 9 – June 2010

Colorado Cough – CAM – March 2010


Supposedly created by two female growers who attended Colorado State University in the 1990′s, it’s been a prized cut in Colorado for years, mostly because of its potency.  The origin is thought to be an original Super Sativa Seed Club (pre-cursor to Sensi Seeds) NL #5 x Haze #17.


Seems NL #5-dominant with a blend of earthy smells such as soil, vegetation, and a hint of citrus.


Known to be a bit of a ‘creeper’, it takes a few minutes to kick in — but once it does, it’s a Sativa-dom head slam that will leave you staring at the wall in no time.  Coming along with the Hazy mental state is a buzzing but relaxed body that eases many daily aches and pains.  As it progresses, it takes on more of an Indica profile, with a strong couchlock tendency and a mental state that can easily lead into sleep.  It’s a long-laster as well, always approaching or passing the 3 hour mark.  Recommended for moderate to high-level patients who desire a relaxing Sativa with a rather strong body component.

Grow Medium

Responds well to training (LST and super-cropping) and topping, grows fairly tall and branchy and finishes with generous yields when properly grown.

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