Chocolate ChunkStrain Profile

Unknown Lineage

Posted on: October 30th 2009


Bred by THSeeds


Very frosty-looking in the hand and up-close, this Chocolate Chunk had sound structure, with spear-shaped nugs of a healthy green hue, with sparse medium orange pistils.


This sample was slightly musky in the jar, but yielded a light and slightly sweet herby smell once ground. Pleasant enough, just not pungent or particularly distinct.


A numbing Indica feeling crept up on us, gaining in strength over the initial 30 minutes until a pervading warmth and calmness overtook the head and chest area. A bit quiet and reserved initially, it had us feeling extremely mild-mannered and calm, sitting quietly and enjoying the feeling. Once the wave of potency died off around 1:15 into it, it released its hold a bit and we were more social and active, with occasionaly moment of mental haze. We think this would be a good movie Indica or good for sitting around a campfire — aware enough to get sucked into something, but heavily relaxing.

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