Chem D x Sour DieselStrain Profile

Chem D x Sour Diesel

Posted on: May 24th 2010


Likely bred by Colorado Alternative Medicine in Denver, CO


Wide spade-shaped clover green sepals arranged in clustered spiral calyxes, snaked through by shocks of mahogany pisitls, and supremely covered with average-length, thin-stalked trichomes with large heads


If aromatic pungency is what you’re looking for, this is a great choice. Even from 5 feet away in a sealed baggie, this sample could be smelled, and when it was broken up, it somehow even got more pungent, to the point where it was almost a nose overload and we could only smell it for short bursts. The combination of skunky fuel, gun oil, rubber, hints of citrus, and garlic is something to behold, and really should impress anyone — the catch is whether or not you actually like this acrid and powerful of a scent, which is entirely personal preference.


Early potency is this strain’s calling card, and it absolutely jumped all over us to start, feeling almost like a high-grade extract rather than a strain. Our eyes felt like they were bulging, the forehead felt as it was expanding laterally and outwards, and our entire bodies filled with a fluttery, borderline frantic energy (major increase in heart rate). The energy translated to the mental state as well, which would be a flurry of random thoughts and sensory impressions, but then would seem to blank out, where we’d get lost staring at a random object, etc. Very potent start with this one, and even up to 1 hour we felt it was still almost at its peak effects (all reviewers were 8.75+ in potency rating at that point, very unusual). It was almost disorienting, and we found ourselves 90% immobile despite the frenetic internal energy. Music was something that we all seemed to enjoy at a high level whole reviewing this sample — the mind was expanded and ready to intake a variety of stimuli, but somehow unsure what to do with it all, making it more like pure sensory input with very little back-end processing. Beyond 1 hour, it began to unleash its grip and we were more able to focus on one thing at a time and the at times anxious mood calmed down. This sample did leave us feeling a little drained, as most meds with such a strongly Sativa start tend to do.

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