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Pre-’98 Bubba Kush BX2

Posted on: April 5th 2011

(samples pictured from Beyond Broadway and are sold there as “D.I.A.” — this strain was also featured in February 2012′s KUSH Magazine Strain of the Month feature by


Swerve planned this as his 2010 Indica entry for the Amsterdam Cup but was not able to get the nugs ready in time for the festival, so he simply did a special seed release instead.


Deep coloration that looks almost gray from a distance is this strain’s trademark, and the deep Bubba roots are seen clearly in all aspects of appearance other than the more slender, elongated nug shape which appears in certain phenotypes.  Trichome coverage is excellent, and it appears that this strain would make some high-yielding and quality extracts, judging from the copious amount of trichomes all over the leaf surfaces.


A creamy, slightly sweet coffee-kissed aroma with a herby edge is the primary one while the strain sits undisturbed in a bag or jar.  However, when it’s ground up, the coffee/chocolate comes out a lot more, as does the musky, herby, hashy backnote which recalls the strain’s deeply Afghani/Pakistani origins.


Taking a few minutes to really kick in, the effects felt predominantly Indica in nature, providing a warming body sensation and pulsing waves which radiated throughout the lower extremities, arms, and torso.  A slowdown of mental activity accompanied by an overall feeling of ease and contentedness overtakes the user after about 15 minutes, leading to a placid, happy, experience that’s very smooth in nature.  The eyes get slightly heavy at times (even early on), but the effect never really becomes a “daywrecker” to the point where it makes the user fall asleep when they wouldn’t otherwise or makes the mind cloudy to the point of losing functionality.  Bubba BX2 helps with both mental and physical relaxation, specifically muscles, but it does so without clouding the mind.  It also aids with minor pain relief, appetite stimulation, and has definite anti-anxiety properties.  Medicinal-level effects last around 1.5 to 2 hours, while the overall effects linger out to nearly 3 hours.

Grow Medium

Production growers will find that this strain can produce reasonably well in hydro and coco setups.  However, the best flavor normally comes out in a soil grow using light fertilization regimes — the old-school feeding preferences of the original Bubba are intact here, and that means steady but relatively light feedings.  If a better yield is desired, the plants can be effectively SCROG’d, producing a collection of fairly large rock-hard pine cone tops instead of a slightly larger central cola.

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