Bruce Banner #5Strain Profile

OG Kush x Reservoir Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel)

Posted on: May 3rd 2010

The differently-structured and much more Strawberry Diesel-dominant phenotype of Bruce Banner, dubbed Bruce Banner #5. 


Originally bred by “OG Ironlung”, the mystery OG Kush (now thought by those involved in its creation to be Ghost’s OG or Coal Creek Kush) was pollinated by a Reservoir Seeds Strawberry Diesel.


The nugs turn out more spear-shaped than the #3, with slightly larger calyxes and the typical thin Diesel structure.  


The aroma is very citrusy with a kiss of fuel and some background OG spice, but when ground, it’s almost all citrus funk.


A little lighter than the #3 overall, Banner #5 is a fairly typical Diesel in terms of effect, especially if taken prior to the development of lots of amber trichomes, when it can take on the “crusher” quality that Diesel gets with a long flowering time.  Uplifting and cerebral, it’s great daytime medication for creative pursuits and light work, serving to ease the nerves and stimulate the mind (and appetite).

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