BogglegumStrain Profile

BOGBubble x Northern Lights #5

Posted on: November 28th 2009


Bred by Bushy Old Grower (aka BOG)


This Bogglegum was totally loaded with fat-headed trichomes that seemed to hit just about perfect harvest timing, with plenty of visible ambers. The frosty appearance made the buds look almost white in the hand, broken up by occasional darker green leaves and red/orange/yellow pistils.


A sugary, slightly creamy sweetness is the main bag/jar smell, and we can definitely see where the bubble gum comes into play. After grinding, a most robust and musky smell comes out, with notes of soil, earth, and vegetation overtaking the sweetness for the most part. It was an average pungency sample, neither stinking up the room nor going unnoticed.


This was a fairly cerebral Indica, keeping us mentally aware the entire time despite being rather strong overall and flirting with overwhelming feelings at its peak. Concentration on only one subject was difficult at times, but our thought processes were clear and vivid throughout the experience. The initial onset came on heavy, with a warming sensation throughout the body and head/eyes and a buzzing headband-like feeling — we all thought our eyes would be red and low, but they were relatively open and clear… good “stealth” med. The Bogglegum seemed to have a mood stabilization effect with us, keeping the mindstate even-handed and calm. The body relaxation carried on well into the latter part of the duration, and overall this med held onto its potency better than most, lingering into hour #3.

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