Agent OrangeStrain Profile

Local Orange Skunk x Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen

Posted on: September 23rd 2009


Agent Orange – Alpine Herbal Wellness – May 2010


Originally created by Subcool in an attempt to fuse the legendary clone Jack’s Cleaner with an orange strain, it was thought to an attempt to make his own version of a Juan Moore strain called 7Up.


Swirling combination of lemons, oranges, and an almost liquor-like sharpness.


Strong mood elevation properties with a quick onset — it can be a bit trippy and scatterbrained at times, a true Sativa experience.  Ocular attention, mood elevation, and minor pain relief are the main medical properties.

Grow Medium

Grows well in soil or hydro, Subcool suggests topping them early and flowering quickly, as they get tall.

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