AfgooeyStrain Profile

Afghani #1 x Maui Haze

Posted on: May 21st 2011


Appearing first in the California medical scene, this strain has some serious old-school credentials… the original Afghani #1 is a cut grown in California since at least the 1980′s that was composed of several landrace Afghani hash-making varieties.  As a result, this hybrid picks some Sativa vigor from the Maui Haze, but otherwise displays its Afghani roots — it’s a sticky, trichome-laden plant that is known for gumming up a grinder or two.


Properly-grown Afgooey will have a deeply sweet and fruity aroma with a background of pine and hash — the most common fruit note picked up is cherry.


With a relatively strong Indica effects package, Afgooey has the potential to be a “daywrecker”, but at small-to-average doses, it’s squarely in the functional Indica category thanks to the Haze influence.  Buzzy, slack extremities, a fuzzy mental state, and a definite couchlock tendency forms the core of the Afgooey experience.  It definitely lightens the mood in a goofy, slack-jawed kind of way, but is overall a “down” experience that is most conducive to seated activities not requiring a ton of attention.  Shows benefits with strong relaxation properties (both mental and physical), mood elevation, sleep aid properties (especially at high dosages), anti-anxiety, ocular relief, and mild pain relief.

Grow Medium

Grows well in either soil or hydro setups, good for space-sensitive grows as well.

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