White Widow (The Releaf Center)Review


This was rather frosty, like most White Widow samples — the harvest timing was also wonderful, with plenty of ambers scattered around the leaf and calyx surfaces.  It had above-average structure and dryness level, feeling stout in the hand and leaving a trail of kief after being handled.  There were some small seed pods and a bit of yellowing on some leaf surfaces, indicating that there may have been some late stress.


A smooth and floral citrus was the dominant taste, reminding one reviewer of peaches.  The taste wasn’t very pungent though, it was only really noticeable on the first two hits.  The final ash was a nearly pure white, and that translated to a rather smooth smoking experience — some of the traditional Widow harshness crept in at times, but it was an easy smoke overall.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular effects, appetite stimulation, mental and body relaxation, and minor pain relief.


This was a very nice Widow — it hit all the right taste and smell notes while also packing quite the potent punch.  Though we would like to see it stress-free in the winter, the minor stresses and flaws didn’t seem to negatively affect the experience much — the taste was good despite the tiny seeds.  This strain was very potent almost immediately and held on strongly for a solid 2 hours, giving us a variety of medical benefits.  Due to the lethargic and drowsy latter half, we’d recommend this most for evening or nighttime use, primarily for intermediate to experienced patients.

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