White Widow (Southwest Alternative Care)Review


This sample displayed some grow issues but nevertheless was very frost and impressive-looking when viewed at the macro level.  The dark green color palate was a bit unexpected for the strain, but the thick carpet of tall, clear trichomes said “White Family” all the way.  The grow/harvest issues limited its overall appeal though, as there were small (yet more substantial than normal) seeds, hermie bananas, and the harvest was early (only saw 1 or 2 amber heads in the whole sample.  Very good structure/texture though, this was a strain that was dense and sturdy but not dried to a rock-like final product.


Like the smell, there wasn’t a ton here to work with — it was very similar to the smell though, mostly vegetal and tasting of smoke with a hint of sweetness and citrus.  However, the smoke was easy to go down and didn’t make us cough at all really — solid choice for patients who don’t want to cough, though the strain itself is not normally known for that quality.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, appetite stimulation, energy to start (sans anxiety), and minor pain relief.


While it suffered from a variety of grow issues, the final product ended up being rather solid and the flaws were not terribly noticeable during the actual smoking experience (though the early harvest .  The appearance was a bit off-putting from a distance but surprisingly attractive up-close, while the smell/taste were the nondescript sort of thing we expect from a majority of White Widow samples.  The effects started off Sativa in nature, with a boost of energy and lots of head games, but mellowed out significantly, leaving us feeling relaxed and mentally calm into hour #3.  This Widow would be a good choice for an early evening where there are activities to do initially but there’s room/time to relax when the 2nd half kicks in.

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