White Widow (Biocare)Review


This was a pretty great-looking White Widow, with its healthy green coloration, covering of brick red pistils, and heavy frosting of tall, pristine trichomes.  There were basically no flaws to be seen in the grow or post-harvest care — no signs of stress, no tiny seeds, and great structure.  The harvest may have been a bit on the early side just going by the lack of amber heads, but there were lots of cloudy heads.  Worth noting is that this was also a very sticky sample, leaving the fingers nicely tacky after breaking it up…


Clean and flowery lemon with a piney tinge to it was the dominant flavor.  While not as pungent and enjoyable as the smell, it was still better than many White Widows.  Especially worth noting is the smoothness of the smoke overall, as this strain is not known for that train — it didn’t make us cough at all and was only slightly expansive.  The final ash told the tale, as it burned to a fluffy near-white, indicating a very good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Anti-anxiety, mood elevation, boost of energy to start, focus/creative motivation, some body/muscle relaxation properties.


This was the favorite White Widow ever for one of the staff, while the other had it squarely in their Top 3 or so for the strain.  Simply put, if you’re a fan of White strains or the Widow, Biocare’s version is about as good as you’ll find around town.  Simply superb grow-wise, it lacked flaws and was very appealing and impressive to the eye.  The unexpectedly citrusy and pungent smell and the above-average Widow taste combined with the strong mood elevating and creative properties of the strain made this one that our crew really liked.  It was pushing an ‘A’ rating… if it were a little more potent, it would surely make it there.

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