White Rhino (Grasshopper)Review


Small buds, denser than expected from first glance.  Plenty of “white” visualization around orange hairs.


Again, often said to have lemon involved, but I got a much dirtier taste, nothing saying “fresh fruit”.  However, it is a very recognizable hashy/harsh flavor that will be appreciated by any experienced smoker.


Said to be a creeper, I found this strain to hit me pretty quickly in comparison with my attention to detail and sounds immediately heightened.  It was very cerebral and had me looking for a place to sit for the first 15-20 minutes. (Leads me to believe our sample was a little more Indica dominant).


I like the White Rhino strain and I would certainly pick it up again.  I felt this sample had an interesting mix of up and down.  It provided a strong couch incentive at first which allowed me to manage my pain in a quick manner, but then gently lifted me up and gave me about 45-60 minutes of energy to get some home chores accomplished pain free.  The let down was stiff so not a great mid-day smoke in my opinion, better for a couple hours before bed.  This is not a strain I would recommend for a newly prescribed patient, but definitely for a seasoned smoker who knows they enjoy “white” varieties.

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