Violator Kush (Green Faith Ministry)Review


Beautifully frosty, this Violator Kush was a pale-looking minty green with sparse light orange pistils and some nice purpling happening in areas.  The manicure wasn’t great, but the sugary leaves didn’t harm the smoking experience at all.  The trichomes were about 15% ambered, with the rest being mainly cloudy… pretty much the perfect harvest time.  Aside from the manicure, the only knock was the density, which was just average.


Though the taste itself was good enough (just a vaguely citrusy taste with a little acrid bite), it gets docked here because it went downhill somewhat quickly, with only the first 2 hits really having any discernible flavor.  It also wasn’t that pungent flavor-wise, with those first two hits even being a little hard to taste.  However, its expansive smoke and lack of harshness scored well and the bowl burned to a very light gray, indicating a quality flush.  It was pleasurable, just nothing to write home about flavor-wise.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, body pain/tension relief, mood elevation, anti-depression, anti-anxiety, sleep aid, possible relief for ocular issues.


While this strain didn’t seem to possess many stereotypical Kush qualities in taste or smell, it certainly possessed that Hindu Kush total body and mind relaxation as well as its pain relieving qualities.  The smell was very nice, as was the look, but the real reason it got an A- is the litany of calming and soothing effects we experienced.  Its ability to handle just about any ache or pain thrown at it is nothing to balk at, and its late-night sleep-inducing properties are welcome as well.  Another quality selection from the folks up at GreenFaith Ministries…

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