Triple Diesel (Nedicate)Review


Kind of a scary-looking sample, it’s very dark in color and you can see the ambered trichomes even with the naked eye… there’s around 75% in places and it probably has the most ambers we’ve ever seen on a sample.  The bud structure is lovely and looks very Sativa-heavy, with shaking columns of calyxes built on top of one another in a distinctive “foxtailing” pattern.  Deep red and even black pistils contribute to the dark appearance.


Not as tasty as we expected, it was a pretty standard Diesel type taste, with a soil tinge similar to what was presented in the smell.  There were no traces of the NYCD or Strawberry Diesel influence with their brand of sweetness, it was mostly just a fuel and soil taste, but not a particularly pungent one.  It burned down to a medium-light gray ash, showing that it had an above-average flush job.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong attention to the eyes suggests it would help with glaucoma, it also provided quality mental and physical relaxation and minor pain relief.  It was a mood enhancer and would likely help with depression and even mild anxiety, as it didn’t have any “racy” effects at all really.


We loved the look of this strain, with its super-Sativa foxtailing and swaths of deeply ambered trichomes, and it turned out that those trichomes totally changed the experience that we’ve become accustomed with this strain.  If you normally can’t deal with the racy Sativas but want to try a Diesel strain, this might be a good choice simply because it was so relaxing.  The taste wasn’t anything special, but the smell was unique for the strain, carrying a heavily minty/menthol overtone.  While it would be interesting to see what an early or even medium harvest would do for this particular cut, we actually enjoyed this one more as a daily med than a standard rushy Diesel.

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