Triple Diesel (Alpine Herbal Wellness)Review


Dark green with slight purple traces.  The density and dryness were superb on this sample.


It has a peppery hint to it, a little spice.  The sample was fairly harsh going in and hits with expansion, so would stay away from small pipes.


This was a SLOW creeper, very high CBD ratio expected as this was 7-10 minutes before any real potency was felt – and then POW!  Major cerebral soaring rush, facial and occular pressure building for 30 minutes or more.  The head high stays put but disconnects the legs, so while a crushing sativa experience is had there is no real movement unless it is necessary.


This is one of the real “crusher sativas” that almost mimics an indica couch lock with its oppressive head high.  We’ve found this in other diesels as well.  The popularity of the standard Sour Diesel has pushed forward the palette for various diesel varieties.  Alpine has delivered a very nice sample for your enjoyment.

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