Trainwreck (Fresh Baked)Review


This sample was more dense than most of the Trainwreck we’ve seen, and it also had a good trim which helped to show off the internals.  The lime green coloration with light orange pistils was enhanced by the coating of large-headed sparkly trichomes that made it appear even brighter to the naked eye.  Up-close, the trichome preservation was very good and the harvest timing was right in the early-to-perfect window, which normally makes for cerebral Sativas.  We saw what appeared to be a few seed pods developing, but no actual seeds, so it didn’t affect the smoking experience at all.


The taste was almost exactly like the smell, with a sharp lime-pine flavor on the inhale and a lingering sweetness that carried with it a cool, mentholated feeling in the mouth and throat.  The flavor endured rather well (tasted lightly even with a burned cap of ash on the top of the bowl), though one reviewer complained that the last few hits tasted bad.  The smoke was smoother than many Trainwrecks we’ve had, and was only moderately expansive.  The final ash was a middling gray flecked with white, showing a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energetic throughout most of the experience, strong ocular and head pressure effects, relief of minor stomach issues/pain, mood elevation, some relaxation and light pain relief late.


This sample had all the bag appeal areas covered, with great structure, dryness level, and trichome coverage along with a near-perfect representation of the strain smell and taste-wise.  If you’ve been on the lookout for a nice Trainwreck and have come up disappointed, we think this one will scratch the itch.  The effects are nearly pure Sativa in nature, though it seemed to be more energizing and clear-headed in morning sessions, and a bit more scatterbrained and “crushing” when consumed later in the evening.  In either case, it was never overwhelmingly potent and we think that less-experienced patients looking to dabble in the racier side of the Sativa spectrum will enjoy this strain.

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