The White (Natural Alternatives for Health)Review


This example of The White has some of the most dense trichome coverage we’ve seen as of late, which is where the strain got its name.  It is an almost creamy orange color from a distance due to the large amount of bright orange pistils and the background of white trichomes.  Though they were super dense in coverage, they aren’t the fat, globe-headed trichomes we love seeing, but the more stem-heavy and skinny type, and they looked to be harvested a little on the early side of perfect, with hardly any visible amber trichomes.  Still, this strain was gorgeous to look at and got us excited to try it — and it also lacked any real flaws, arriving in great condition with a dense structure and a snappy texture.


This strain again recalls its Kushy family line, with a lemon-pine cleaner + soil type of flavor with an underlying hint of anise.  The complex flavor reminded us quite a bit of the Ghost OG cut, but just a little less direct Kush influence and that anise note.  It leaves a wonderful lingering “flavor” in the sinuses and throat, which seems to last for quite some time after smoking.  The final ash was a very crisp white with some light gray, showing it had received a thorough flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Pain relief, muscle relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, relief of nerve pain, aid with headaches, and some sleep aid qualities late.


This strain certainly impressed us with its bag appeal areas (especially the appearance, which is absolutely top-notch), but it really left its mark with us thanks to its super-potent effects, which seemed to last forever and stayed at a medicinal level for longer than 90% of strains we’ve experienced.  Though it was cerebrally-active, it felt very Indica in profile beyond the first 30-45 minutes, serving to knock us down to the couch with smiles on our faces, but no real inclination to do anything complicated or requiring attention.  The superb muscle and nerve pain-relieving qualities of this strain are its lasting medical value, and we’ll certainly go back for more when the aches and pains of the day are getting to be too much.  superb job here, and it fell just shy of an A+ rating, hanging in the 95% area.

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