The White (Herbal Element)Review


Excellent trichome count, sugar leaves are completely covered as well.  Pale green and orange, very white looking.  Better than average on density and dryness counts.


Pine taste, but not strong.  Medium harshness and expansion.


Immediate, strong effect felt as a numbing in top of head.  Auditory range closing in.  Mixed bag of body indica and mild mental sativa attributes.  Good indica for daytime medication which isn’t typical, and a nice clear experience.  No burnout or exhaustion as the medicine wears off.  Complete clarity, no paranoia or tension whatsoever.


This strain, a great pheno from a group of Triangle Bag Seeds, appears to have been grown perfectly.  It provides a mellow and clean ride, but with great potency at the same time.  The effects allow chores and motivation to be a part of your day but in a terrific indica type way.  Please do see for yourself and let us know your thoughts below.

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We learned to not expect huge taste out of The White over the years, and even though it had a low score in that category, the grow and harvest were done to perfection

Indica-dominant hybrid, phenotype of “Triangle”, a Florida based strain

Herbal Element (Denver Highlands)