Super Sour Fire OG Kush (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


One of the prettiest and most flawless samples we’ve seen lately, it was absolutely stacked with tall, perfect, mostly clear/cloudy trichomes that arrived in perfect condition.  The blend of healthy greens were so covered in frost that it became hard to see any green at the macro level.  The only visible flaw were a couple of hermie bananas, but there were no seeds spotted anywhere.  Simply put, this sample has a wonderful Sativa structure and had no important flaws — great job by the grow team.


A very unique mix of sharp chemical and fuel notes with some floral and spice notes — we picked up on a bit of citrus, that same fennel from the smell, and a cool, eucalyptus-like taste in the finish.  There was room for greater pungency, but the flavor endured well into the middle part of the bowl and never tasted bad at all.  The final ash was a fluffy very light gray, indicating that it had received a quality flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, mental and physical relaxation, some relief of stomach issues, mild pain relief, and appetite stimulation.


Our first A+ in nearly 6 months, this strain was a really special sample and our entire staff was disappointed to find that it was already sold out… needless to say, we’ll be awaiting the next harvest.  Two of our veteran review staff felt that this was at least Top 3, and perhaps the most potent strain they’ve ever smoked — the initial effects were borderline overwhelming and it stayed at medicinal levels for a solid 2 hours.  It was a blend of uber-potent spaced-out effects and dialed-in relaxation, which was pretty unique.  Its “stealth” properties and “one hit quitter” qualities made it especially appealing for us as a daily use, and we could see ourselves taking 1-2 hits of it every 2 hours and feeling wonderful all day long.  While the sample was not perfect (a couple of hermie bananas, maybe a slightly tighter trim), it was perfect enough to earn a low A+ (97%) and unanimously impressed our staff, which is tough to do.

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$50/8th inc. tax

Hydro-grown Sativa-dominant hybrid, Super Sour Deez (Sour Diesel IBL x Sour Lemon Larry OG Kush) x Fire White OG Kush (OGRaskal’s Fire OG Kush x Krome’s “The White”) from Elite Genetics seed stock. Source:

Alternative Wellness Center