Super Silver Haze x ChemDawg – Sweet #9 (Cherry Creek High Expectations)Review


Absolutely beautiful specimen, loaded with beautifully-timed trichs that are nearly undamaged, solid manicure, nice variety of colors staying mostly in the green family with a camoflauge pattern.  The flowers were dry and fairly dense.  We did find one seed in the sample, small/undeveloped.


While there were conflicting reviews on the level of harshness and appeal of the taste, everyone concurred on the big expansion and plentiful Haze flavor.  It possesses earth (pine/grass) and citrus (sour/sweet) tones and burned to a nearly perfect white ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Conflicting reviews as to efficacy of pain, one finding total aversion for specific pains and another finding no relief for a spasm induced episode in the back.  Mood enhancement and energy were agreed upon across the panel.  Temperature remained constant, but heart rate rose at least 20 BPS for first 15-20 minutes and diastolic rose an easy 10 across the board.  Both returned to normal or lower levels by the 3rd hour.


The Sweet #9 is an interesting strain in that it clearly isn’t a normal SSH experience, but when asked to pick out the ChemDawg properties specifically the list gets real short.  Most people felt the hazey mental pieces with only one picking out the ChemDawg clarity as a nice attribute.  It was a very fun experience for all, with a focus on creativity, music and similar associations.

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