Super Silver Haze x ChemDawg – Sour #7 (Cherry Creek High Expectations)Review


The flavors reported back include peach skin, fruity, chemical pine, and acrid.  A bit hashy mid-bowl, but excellent flavor overall.  Burned to light gray, almost white.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  A little more analgesic properties than the Sweet #9, possible relief from ocular pressure, depression, general relaxation, and light tension.


Although both the Sweet and Sour phenotypes received A grades, it was unanimous that all reviewers would choose Sour #7 if given their druthers.  It wasn’t that it was a distinct uptick in quality, more of some very subtle differences (like a leather package in your favorite car).  It was just a slight bit more potent, had a slightly less harsh taste, provided a bit more pain killer, and just looked perfect in every facet.  Very nice strain!

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