Super Silver Haze #2 (Herbal Element)Review


Light green calyxes with darker green leaves and pale orange (almost yellow) pistils.  The strain was so covered with trichomes that it looked even paler to the naked eye.  It was slightly on the leafy side compared to what we prefer, but the leaves were covered with trichomes, so we didn’t mind much.


As expected, the taste was similar to the aroma and carried quite a bit of the piney Haze flavor (one reviewer noted the taste of eucalyptus) with a citrusy note on the finish.  It wasn’t our favorite, but it had a very solid and recognizable Haze taste.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Mild to moderate body pain management, appetite stimulant, energy, possible relief from ocular disorders.


There was some amount of disagreement between the reviewers as to its overall efficacy, but this sample is certainly one of the nicest examples of Super Silver Haze available around Denver (one reviewer said it gave him a new-found respect for SSH as a strain).  Regardless of that, its racy and somewhat disorienting high that levels out into a nicely-hazy state of relaxation was well-liked overall but was thought to not be effective for severe pain.  If you are a Haze fan, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try, but it probably won’t help much if you have severe pain issues.  This one is just another in the line of quality in-house strains from Herbal Element, a soaring Sativa with that distinctive Haze experience.

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